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19 Waterfront Restaurants
St. Johns River, Florida

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We've divided the river into 4 regions. Each region has its own unique characteristics and flavor. Going with the river's flow, we start from the south.

South Region

4 locations; this region is dominated by protected flood plain and open vistas. Airboat ecotourism is popular.

Lone Cabbage, Cocoa FL

Open vistas. Airboat tours. Gators and bird watching.

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5 locations; this region offers food and festivities along the shores of Lake Monroe in Sanford, north of Orlando FL. Folks stay up late on this part of the St. Johns.

St. Johns Rivership Sanford FL

River ship dining, Lake Monroe, Sanford, Florida

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5 locations; this region forms the eastern boundary of the Seminole State Forest and Ocala National Forrest. Nearby springs and ecotourism are draws.

Blackwater-inn, Astor FL

Live oaks, Spanish moss, pleasure boats, fish camps

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North Region

5 locations; this region begins at the 'Devils Elbow' in Palatka, FL. The river becomes wider and deeper, eventually flowing into the Atlantic at Mayport.

Sandollar Restuarant deck, Jacksonville, FL

Palatka FL to the ocean. Water deepens, larger boats.

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St. Johns River Eats

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